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Kimberley Neale, Customer Services Manager, has been with Peros since 2003 and thoroughly enjoys her work.  “It’s a great team to work with - all like-minded, professional, yet fun-loving individuals.  There is great variety in the work and we are empowered to do what we can for our customers - this makes it interesting and rewarding."

“The management has given me a huge opportunity to grow into my role. They’ve encouraged me and supported my progress every step of the way which has also boosted my confidence in my ability to do the job.  We all work hard but find it very satisfying.  And not just because of our commercial success but also through our involvement with the ethical programmes that are genuinely changing the lives of the less-fortunate.”

Sadi Hussain joined us as a 16 year old in 2004, straight from school.  Sadi feels very fortunate that Peros saw potential in him as a school leaver.  “Obviously I had no working experience when I was taken on, but I think that’s what they were looking for - someone with potential for training and developing into the Peros way of working.”

“It’s worked really well.  I joined as a picker/packer in the warehouse and as the company has grown I’ve been given more and more responsibility.  I am now the Assistant Operations Manager, responsible for 16 people!  It seems incredible, but at the same time quite natural, because you are supported and encouraged to realise your potential.  Because the company is growing so fast the opportunities keep coming!  It’s actually a great company to work for - everyone gets on really well and we all take the ethical side of things very seriously.  Our successes as a company are well communicated to us, so we always feel fully involved and appreciated.  I’m very lucky compared with many of my fellow school-leavers who have dull, unrewarding jobs - it couldn’t be more different at Peros.”