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La Cimbali - patented, super automatic espresso machines
From staff restaurant to motorway service station, we can offer a Cimbali machine for every outlet.  The range covers entry-level, bean-to-cup machines for smaller operations, to one of the most powerful espresso machines on the market today.

The M1 Bean-to-cup system

Our smallest Cimbali bean-to-cup machine is packed with impressive credentials.  A range of espresso-based drinks can be produced at the touch of a button using the power of the patented smart boiler technology.  The performance of steamed and foamed milk is exceptional, using the exclusive Milk Precision System.

S39 Dolcevita Turbo Steam - Bean-to-cup system

This is our heavy-duty solution.  The S39 is the first choice of customers around the world for the provision of high volume espresso, cappuccino and latte beverages.  The machine has all the technology features of the M1, coupled with a turbo steam function for great milk foaming - ideal for latte or cappuccino.  The machine also offers a jug facility, cup warmer and high performance grinding burrs.

Frigo Milk

The superb little Cimbali milk fridge sits snugly beside any of our bean-to-cup range, keeping up to 4.5 litres of milk below 5 degrees Celsius, monitored on a front-facing digital display.

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